Esa Mäkijärven kritiikki Puhekuplista

marraskuu 16, 2009



2 vastausta to “Esa Mäkijärven kritiikki Puhekuplista”

  1. hi kristian. through your friend ”lonely writer” (comments with this nick name in a greek blog about poetry) i saw a collection of your poems that you’ve uploaded on net, the ”Puhekuplia”. i’m greek and unfortunately i don’t understand your language. even this, i found your collection really interesting, what i saw, what i heard trying to read the sounds. you seem you are a creative person. i wish i could understand more. it would be very kind of you if you gave me some infos about your poems, i really don’t know what, maybe just to share your passion about poetry with me, your view… and i know that what you have to say for real you say it there, in your collection -in your work, generally, with your self and your language. what i ask and i would be thankful for is you to guide me in your world.
    γιώργος (yio’ryos)

    • kristian said

      hi γιώργος (yio’ryos),

      thank you for your surprising, kind and inspirational words. Right now I have few hideously quickly moving and confusing dead lines to avoid, but afterwards I’ll write to your blog or via e-mail. Meanwhile

      best wishes,



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